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Do you still have a DISCOVER voucher?

The Kazador is pleased to announce that you can use your discover vouchers with us. When you purchase your tickets simply use the coupon 'dineanddiscover' it will take the amount off the price of your ticket. Then present your Dine&Disocver voucher to us at the door when you enter and we'll scan it there.

If you are unable to produce your Dine and Discover voucher at the door we will ask you to pay the remainder of the ticket price. This offer can not be applied retroactively to any tickets already purchased.

NOTE: To use dine and Discover Vouchers you must purchase tickets individually

If you purchase more than one ticket at a time the amount will be taken off for each ticket and you must produce that number of dine and discover vouchers or pay the difference on the door.

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Step 1

Navigate to the event that you want to attend.

Select one ticket.

Click Next!

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 12.38.44 pm.png

Step 2

On the next page where it asks do you have a discount code, enter:


Then click apply.

Now complete the form as normal, bring your DISCOVER voucher with you to the show, and we're ready to go.

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