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Own Your Stage

11th of May from 9am to 4pm
18th of May 9am to 12pm

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When you purchase your tickets simply use the coupon 'dineanddiscover' it will take the amount off the price of your ticket. Then present your Dine&Disocver voucher to us at the door when you enter and we'll scan it there.

If you are unable to produce your Dine and Discover voucher at the door we will ask you to pay the remainder of the ticket price. This offer can not be applied retroactively to any tickets already purchased.


Tamara has been a fulltime professional performer since 1997. She is the co-founder of Kiama’s KISS arts festival and the Creative Director at her company Laughter House Entertainment. Tamara is very well known for her Comedy character Kiki Bittovabitsch.

She has been making people laugh for 25 years in over 4300 performances on 810 stages in 465 cities across 27 countries. She has entertained people in 6 different languages and spent a more than 2400 hours on the stage.

She has spoken to, entertained and created laughter with over 1.2 million humans (and a few dogs), with an age range of less than 1 to over 100 (that is human years not dog years).

In that time, she has also missed 11 flights, stayed in 25 highly questionable hotels and some really nice ones and watched 10 seasons of Friends 4 times over trying to avoid lonely nights in Foreign Lands.


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